Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blind Dogs Can't See That It's Bedtime!

For several nights now, Henri has been up at all hours of the night, anxiously wandering the house and getting lost. He seems to not understand that it's nighttime, and everyone else's BEDTIME.

Especially confusing for him, I think, is when he does fall asleep for a bit, then he wakes up and doesn't have a clear idea of where he is. He searches as best he can and sniffs his way right into a corner as often as not, and an exhausted mommy has to get up--once again--to help him and calm him down.

My mind is hard at work trying figure out the best solution for all of us. More exercise during the day to sleep better at night would be my first logical plan, but Henri has been hesitant on walks for the last few days. I will just have to put in the extra effort to make him more confident walking somehow.

My husband Bill has suggested crating, as not only a way to keep him safe--and help me get some sleep--but also as a possible comforting place all his own that he can retreat to when feeling insecure.

I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty frustrated. Lack of sleep is adding to my negative frame of mind, I'm sure, but I'm also just feeling pretty discouraged. Henri seemed to be adjusting to blindness well, in the first few days. But suddenly, he seems to have taken a turn for the worse in terms of confidence and over all quality of life.

Bill is trying to keep things light by singing, "It's a blind dog after all," to the tune of Disney's "It's Small World." That actually helps.

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